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GPS Micro Tracking System by SonikTechnologies is one of the best solutions for security measures of your vehicle.


1. What happens after the warranty?

A comprehensive annual maintenance contract can be taken for a fixed cost which covers preventive maintenance as well as components, with the exception of tampering. This is optional because device works similar to a mobile phone.

2. Can my fleet be tracked anywhere in India?

Yes. SONIK GPS tracking solutions work over the GPRS network, and your vehicles can be tracked all over India using the wide spread GSM/GPRS network.

3. How does the failure of the hardware unit affect the user?

The failure of the hardware unit installed for security purposes will stop to track the vehicle. For Vehicle location and productivity it means loss of critical information and resources. Most Chinese manufactured/Indian assembled products have a very high failure rate as they are manufactured using cheaper components and constant change to the design and inputs. Most GPS companies are software entities which procure these devices from Chinese and Far East Asian Manufacturers, who have no back up or service solution for the device.

4. What do I do if I want to track vehicles outside India?

You can easily track vehicles traveling outside India, by equipping the SONIK GPS tracking units with a SIM card from a local GSM network operator, with GPRS plan activated. Also, you will need to send us the GPRS access point name, alongwith the mobile number of the SIM card, so that we may remotely configure the unit to start sending data to the SONIK GPS servers.

5. DIs the hardware visible to the driver?

GPS MICRO TRACKER hardware is not visible to the driver. Visible hardware acts as a cause of tampering by driver/operator and it's one of the prime reasons most organization have not been able to successfully implement a GPS Fleet Management Solution.

6. What network does the GPS MICRO TRACKER hardware operate on?

The GPS MICRO TRACKER hardware operates on the GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz networks.

7. Will my hardware run down the batteries of my vehicles?

No. When your vehicle is stopped for more than one minutes, the unit goes into sleep mode. It requires very little power in this mode.

8. What happens if my vehicles moves to an area with no GSM/GPRS coverage?

The GPS MICRO TRACKER intelligent vehicle tracking unit will store data in its internal memory, and once the vehicle moves to an area with GSM/GPRS coverage, then the stored data will automatically be transmitted to the SONIK GPS servers.

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