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GPS Micro Tracking System by SonikTechnologies is one of the best solutions for security measures of your vehicle.

Parking Sensor System

Model: SNK-041-6

Product: Parking Sensor System


Dual Video Parking Sensor 6sensors and 2 back-up camera in one system

  • Left and right direction indicator
  • Image and distance display of the before and after obstacle
  • Six analog bar display real obstacle distance
  • Forward and backward image detection distance is 2.5m
  • Live voice or dangdang alarm
  • Camera Optional; Display Optional
  • Sensors itself can detect the faulty sensors if abnormal situation appeared
  • Optional insert-in sensors
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Operating range: 10.5 - 16V
  • Rated current: 40 - 800mA
  • Detecting distance: 0.30 - 2.5m
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
  • Working temperature: -30 - +80 degree Celsius