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GPS Micro Tracking System by SonikTechnologies is one of the best solutions for security measures of your vehicle.

Parking Sensor System

Model: SNK-041-7MP

Product: Parking Sensor System


TFT Video 7 inches Monitor Parking Sensor System with 2, 3 and 4 Sensors

  • Colorful TFT for back view (6-inch screen)
  • VCD/DVD video signal connectable
  • Show the distance to the obstacle by the numeric display combined
  • Introduction the TFT monitor
  • MP5, USB port,/SD card/ FM supported
  • Direction indicator (left and right)
  • Step-up display with 10 stages indicating distance to the obstacles
  • Three colors alarm
  • BiBi sound alarm
  • 2/3/4 sensors, Sensors itself can detect the fautly sensors if abnormal situation appeared
  • All kinds of sensors optional
  • Stick-on and insert-in sensor optional
  • Display size: 268 x 90 x 45